Kent Group Show report 29th April 2018

Kent Group Show report 29th April 2018
By way of a change this year members asked for the show to be “A members only show” Colin Humphrey our chair, had agreed to put up a non-competitive display of his plants for all to enjoy & who also agreed to judge the entries.

SECTION 1 Show Auricula

Class 1 This has a nice plant of Emery Down which took the Red card staged by Valerie Wilkinson.

Class 2 Two nice Blue selfs exhibited by Dave Nichol’s, Joel took the Red card followed closely by Toolyn, one that is not seen much on the benches.

Class 3 This had a really good 5 pipped Scorcher which took the red card by Tony Jenkins, this was awarded the “Tom Stephenson” trophy for the best plant in sections 1-4, 2nd place to a seedling raised by Dave Nichol.

Class 4 Tony Jenkins was successful with 2 plants of Brasso, each taking 1st & 2nd respectively & a 3rd place for Twiggy.

Class 5 Dave Nichol exhibited a good plant of Eaton Dawn, which took the red card.

Class 6 David Rolfe took 1st & 2nd with plants of Blush Baby & Robin Hood respectively & a 3rd place with Blush Baby for Janet Francis.

Class 7 Valerie Wilkinson exhibited a nice Green edge Psyche which took 1st place.

Class 8 David Rolfe took the red card with a seedling from Horn of Plenty, raised by Geoff Watt & also 2nd place with a plant now named May Flower, 3rd was a nice seedling raised by Dave Nichols.

SECTION 2 Alpines

Class 9 This turned out to be a popular class with 15 entries. The Red card was awarded to Tony Jenkins with a good Stella North, he also took 2nd place with Argus, David Rolfe took 3rd with Joy.

Class 10 Tony Jenkins swept the board in this class taking 1st with Blyth Spirit, 2nd with Cranbourne, 3rd with First Lady.

Class 11 No entries

Class 12 Valerie Wilkinson took the novice class with a nice plant of Sam Gamgee & also 2nd with Sophie.

Class 12a David Rolfe took the red card with a new seedling, now named Barbara Jane.

SECTION 3 Double Auricula

Class 13 Laurence Rolfe took the red card with a good plant of Prometheus, this also was awarded the Poacher Cup for the best Double. Autumn Glory, Lincoln Harmony & Cardinal Redwere also shown.

Class 14 Valerie Wilkinson took the 3rd place with a Double seedling.

Class 15 No entry

SECTION 4 Border Auricula

Class 16 Bert Dawson swept the board taking 1st place with his own Runwell Red, he also took 2nd & 3rd with his new seedlings. He also staged 5 other seedlings to keep an eye on in the future.

Class 17 Janet Francis took the Red card with a White Pyne x Horn of Plenty seedling, 2nd place went to Valerie Wilkinson & 3rd Place went to Dave Nichol’s.

Class 18 David Rolfe took the Novice class Red card with a nice plant of Eden Greenfinch raised by Bob Bach

SECTION 7 Other Primulas

Class 25 Laurence Rolfe was successful with his plant of Ethel & Janet Francis took 2nd place with a new seedling

SECTION 8 Primulacae

Class 29 Terry Maw was 3rd place with a Coum seedling.

SECTION 9 Pallette of Pips

Class 32 David Rolfe’s palette of pips took the Red card followed by Janet Francis who was 2nd.

Trophy Winners

The awards for 2018 show were presented to the following members:-

Linton Cup (Novices cup) David Rolfe.

Alpine Cup (most points in section 2) Tony Jenkins.

Kent Group (Trophy most points in show) David Rolf, Tony Jenkins

Primula Cup Laurence Rolfe.

Dawson Cup (for the best Border) David Rolfe.

Seedling cup David Rolfe.

Well done to all the exhibitors for making the effort to have plants available that made our show a great success. This was enjoyed by all who attended & also my thanks to all who helped to set up & take down the tables etc at the end of the show.