I would like to welcome you to the new look Newsletter and to introduce myself.  My name is Sue Forrester and I found the Society and became a member in 2012.  I was invited to join the Committee in 2014.  I entered my first Club show last year with one plant in the Doubles Class, ‘Lincoln Bullion’, and was over the moon to gain a First.  I love Auricula’s and joining the club has given me a better insight into this gorgeous plant.


Geoff has written the Newsletter for many, many years and felt that the time had come to pass the task on.  Colin thanked him for his input to this missive and for all the information he has given us. 


I will not follow Geoff’s format but, of course, if there is anything he included that you would still like to see, please let me know and I will try to obtain the information.


Our first meeting took place on the 5th September.  Colin welcomed 2 new members to the Society, Joan King and Marlene Scott, who were made at home by those members who attended.  The speaker was our Chairman, Colin, who gave us a talk and demonstration on potting mixtures, how to repot and divide/pot on our young plants.  He answered many questions and also invited members to come up and ‘have a go’ for themselves.  The potting recipes and information he gave were very well received.  Following this we had, as normal, delicious cakes and tea/coffee. 


Our next meeting, on the 3rd October, is our AGM and it would be lovely to see as many of you as possible there.  This is where you can have your say and put ideas forward.  Following the AGM we have  Neil & Jo Tyers who will be speaking on Growing Primulas,  also Auricula cultivation for edges.  Neil is from Leicester and is one of the elite growers in the Society.  This will be a talk not to miss.  He will also bring down a selection of plants for sale, both Primula and Auricula, some of which we may not have seen in the South East.



The Society website is and is a great site to explore. If anyone asks you about Auricula or Primula please direct them to our site. 


  • WELCOME page contains an explanation of how the Kent Group was formed in 2004.  As well as the PLANT of the MONTH. 
  • EVENTS  This page contains details  of our programme for the year, which is complete up to December 2015 (watch this space for 2016 speakers), Club meeting place details and times  are also on this page.
  • HISTORY contains a brief but interesting explanation on how the plants were found and cultivated and how far back the interest in them goes.
  • GALLERY page not only shows some beautiful plants but also helps in identifying what type of Auricula you have, Green Edged, Border, etc.  There are also photographs of our members at some of our Club shows, shows around the country and one of our Theatre Days.
  • MEMBER’S page has a section for the Newsletter, Latest News, Show results, etc.  and finally,
  • LINKS page has links to click on for other NAPS Society sections and growers. 


The website is well worth a look, browse through and recommended to friends who also show an interest.



As our Group covers a wide area, if members have ideas on how we can reach out and promote the Kent Group, please let me know.  My idea would be to get a write-up in as many local papers as possible.  If you could let me have the e-mail address or phone number of your local ‘rag’ I can contact them and hopefully we can reach a wider audience.



Is your plant wilting, worried about yellowing leaves, white powder showing around the stem near the soil?  Send me your problem or query and I will ask one of our in-house experts for their opinion.  Want to obtain certain named Auricula’s or Primula and don’t know where to start, let us help you.  If we can be of any help at all please contact me with a picture if possible.  Any queries you have about plants or the group please let us know.



If you have any suggestions for the Newsletter, anything you would like to share like special celebrations, information on plants or just want to say Hi! because you have been unable to attend meetings, please let me know.


I would welcome your comments on this new format, what you would like to see covered and if there is anything you feel that would make the format better.  The next Newsletter will be out in the New Year.


Hopefully we will see you at the AGM on the 3rd October, but in the meantime enjoy the good weather we are having.


                                                       Sue Forrester


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