9th Auricula Show Schedule

The National Auricula and Primula Society Southern section Kent Group
Presents its 9th Auricula and Primulaceae Show schedule Sunday 1st May 2016 09.00 – 17.00
At Sutton Valence village hall, Sutton Valence, Maidstone, Kent, ME17 3HT
Staging until 12.00noon Judging starts at 12.15 sharp.
Opens to the Public at 14.30 approx Schedules are available at meetings or download a copy on www.napskentgroup.org.

Rules for competitors
All exhibits must be staged by 12.00 hours on the day of the show.
1. The competition is open to all fully paid up members of the ‘Kent Group’ or any section of the National Auricula & Primula Society.
2. Multiple entries may be submitted in each class by the same exhibitor.
3. Any plant exhibited MUST have been in the exhibitors’ possession for
at least three months.
4. All plant exhibits must be legibly named, one variety card to each pot.
5. On arrival, exhibitors must sign in and get your unique exhibitor
number & to write this on all your exhibitor entry cards.
6 Exhibitors’ entry cards containing their exhibitor number & plant name ONLY must be placed ‘face up’ in each exhibit; plastic plant labels must be removed / not visible in the pots
7 Borders must have not less than 3 mature fresh trusses as an ideal, except in seedling classes where 2 trusses are acceptable.
Border Auricula flower stems must not be staked, any packing between the pips must also be removed prior to judging.
8 In Gold Laced polyanthus classes, only one truss on each plant will be
judged, and this will be the judges choice. This truss must have
at least five fully expanded pips, All un-opened pips must be removed
9 Exhibitors must not touch other exhibits on the show bench, or,
remove plants prior to the end of the show, unless agreed by the
show superintendent.
If you need more space, ask a show official to assist in moving other exhibits.
10 The decision of the judge is final. At their discretion, they may award or
withhold any or all of the place cards in any class.
11 In Show, Alpine & Double Auricula classes’ trusses must not have less
than 5 expanded pips, except edges & Selfs in single plant classes,
which must not have less than 3 expanded pips.
12 All un-opened pips must be removed prior to judging
13 No prize cards to be overturned until after ALL prizes have been awarded
14 A Novice is deemed to be an exhibitor who has not won more than
THREE first prizes at any N.A.P.S show
The KENT GROUP show committee acknowledge and thank those who have agreed to judge in accordance to the N.A.P.S. Southern section show standards
The ‘Tom Stephenson’ Trophy will be awarded for the ‘best plant’ as judged from any Auricula in sections 1 – 4.
The ‘Linton Cup’ (kindly donated by Geoff & Edie Watt) will be awarded to the Novice who gains most points in sections 1 – 8.
The ‘Alpine Cup’ (kindly donated by Colin & Pauline Pearson) will be awarded to the exhibitor gaining most points in section 2.
The ‘The Kent Group’ trophy will be awarded to the exhibitor gaining most points overall in sections 1 – 8.
The ‘Poacher Cup’ (kindly donated by Derek & Pat Salt) will be awarded to the exhibitor for the best Double Auricula judged from Section 3.
The ‘Primula Cup’ will be awarded to the exhibitor gaining most points in sections 5, 6, 7 & 8.
The ‘Dawson Cup’ (kindly donated by Bert & Adrienne Dawson) will be awarded for the Best Border Auricula as judged in show.
The “Seedling Cup” may be awarded to the Best Seedling as judged from sections 1-8
NA.P.S. spoons may be awarded to those judged as meritorious exhibits.
Section 1 – Show Auricula (This includes Grey, Green or White edged or
any colour self)
Class 1 3 plants, different.
2 2 plants, different.
3 1 plant edged (White, Grey or Green).
4 1 Blue self
5 1 Red self
6 1 Yellow self
7 1 Any other colour (including Dark self)
8 1 Fancy Auricula
9 2 Fancy Auriculas, different
10 1 Striped Auricula
11 2 Striped Auriculas, different
12 1 Seedling (any of the above)
13 2 plants novice (any of the above) different
14 1 plant novice (any of the above)
14a 1 plant fancy, other than edged
Section 2 – Alpine Auricula.
Class 15 3 plants (at least 2 different varieties)
16 2 plants different (either light or gold centre)
17 2 plants (1 gold &1 light centred.)
18 1 plant (light centred)
19 1 plant (gold centred)
20 1 plant light centred seedling
21 1 plant gold centred seedling
22 2 plants novice (either centre) different
23 1 plant novice (either centre)
23a 1 Plant Laced edge (either centre)
Section 3 – Double Auricula
Class 24 2 plants different.
25 1 plant.
26 1 plant seedling.
27 1 plant novice
Section 4 – Border Auricula ( refer to Rule 7 )
Class 28 2 plants different.
29 1 plant
30 1 plant seedling
31 1 plant novice.
Section 5 – Florist Gold Laced Polyanthus.
Class 32 2 plants same ground colour (Maximum pot size 15cm)
33 1 plant either ground colour (Maximum pot size 15cm)
34 1 plant single crown
35 1 plant novice.
Section 5a – Silver Laced
Class 36 1 plant
Section 6 – Primulas of Vernales type, excluding Florist Gold Laced Polyanthuses
Class 37 1 plant Vernales species.
38 1 plant Anomalous species or Hybrid (e.g. Jack in the green).
39 1 plant double species or hybrid
40 2 plants single Primrose of Juliana type
41 1 plant single Primrose of Juliana type
42 2 plants single hybrid Primrose medium flowered, different.(max size 38mm or 1.5” )
43 1 plant single hybrid Primrose medium flowered, different.
44 2 plants single hybrid Polyanthus medium flowered (excl. Cowichans)
45 1 plant single hybrid Polyanthus medium flowered (excl. Cowichans).
46 1 plant Cowichan strain.
47 1 plant Miniature Polyanthus (e.g. Firefly & Juliana polyanthus)(max size 25mm or 1”)
48 1 plant Vernales hybrid, raised by exhibitor (cross to be specified).
49 1 plant Vernales hybrid not covered in above classes
50 1 plant Vernales species (novice)
51 1 plant Vernales hybrid (novice)
Section 7- Other Primulas excluding Florist & Border Auriculas &
ALL Vernales types
Class 52 2 plants European hybrids, different
53 1 plant European hybrid.
54 1 plant European species
55 1 plant Pr denticulata or form of denticulata
56 1 plant non-hardy Primula
56a 1 plant other than European excluding denticulata or forms of sieboldii
57 1 plant Pr sieboldii or form of Pr sieboldii.
58 1 plant novice.
Section 8 – Primulaceae, e.g. Androsace, Cyclamen, Dionysia
& Soldanella. (Excluding Primula Species & Hybrids.)
Class 59 1 plant Cyclamen in flower
60 1 plant Cyclamen for foliage effect (flower free)
61 1 plant Primulaceae
62 1 plant Primulaceae (novice)
Section 9 – Primulaceae.
Class 63 1 plant any type (juniors under 19)
Section 10- ‘Palette of Pips’
Class 64 Collection of six pips ONLY to be displayed on Palette supplied.
Judged for overall effect and range of colours displayed
Hints for exhibitors
Ask the show superintendents for help if you’re not sure about anything.
Please ensure you read the schedules’ requirements before staging.
Give yourself plenty of time to stage your plants.
Ensure all pots are clean or new, when staged on the show bench.
Ensure any debris / unwanted insects/ bugs are removed from your exhibit before staging
Please place all litter in the waste bins provided after staging is complete, thanks ……….and finally, please enjoy your Show day

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